NA LCS 2019 Spring Standings Prediction: Assumption City

Another year of the NA LCS is soon to begin, which means it is time to boil down highly uninformed assumptions into a ranking list! With this list I am suggesting where I believe each team will lie in the rankings before turning towards the playoffs. In this brazen attempt to make my speculated standings I did not just consider the roster at face value, but also elements like players’ histories, potential roster cohesion, and coaching impact. I may not highlight each of these things directly when discussing a team,but I am briefly bringing up what I consider be the most significant contributing factor to that team’s success. Before I continue to babble on about my flimsy criteria, let’s just get into it. That way you can argue why I am wrong faster!

1. Team Liquid

2. Cloud9

3. 100 Thieves

4.Golden Guardians

5. CLG

6. FlyQuest

I have to put FlyQuest right at the edge of 6th place though, because of the absence of Saintvicious. There was a distinct turn around in FlyQuest’s performance when Saintvicious stepped in last split and we even saw Santorin step up to present his case as one of the best junglers in the league. Unfortunately, with the dismissal of Saintvicious from the team I have to question whether FlyQuest will remember those passed lessons for success.

7. TSM

Then Grig appeared, not playing Lee Sin, and actually served TSM’s wishes well of being a supportive style jungler. Although TSM did not go further than a playoff appearance in 2018, they did find their jungler. In the offseason, TSM did well with noting their lack of a play maker and brought Smoothie in as a welcome addition. While I am uncertain of Broken Blades potential, we should be able to assume he offers more than Hauntzer. Under the strategic mind of Zikz this team sounds terrifying, but with a different jungler it seems more likely to fail. Zikz’s time on CLG didn’t do much to prove his ability of how to handle plugging in a jungler. While I have no doubts about Zikz’s ability craft winning strategies, what happens if losses start coming in and moral drops. TSM no longer have the ability to call Weldon Green to fix their problems and as the years go on it is getting harder for Bjergsen to 1v9

8.Optic Gaming

9.Clutch Gaming

If I take a moment from my gawking and assume this roster gets along daintily, I can imagine a world where they perform to their desired style. In this imaginative world though, I keep them in the same spot on my list. If it isn’t the emotional roller coaster ruining their play, it will be their over aggression. While head coach mcscrag has already worked with Piglet on Clutch Gaming’s academy team and may help balance the roster out, the volatility of this squad is incomparable to any other in the league.

10.Echo Fox